Brittany is a self-taught photographer/visual artist.  Whether it’s photography, cinema, exploring museums or art galleries, watching documentaries, sitting in the audience of various shows such as theater, ballet, etc., Brittany is intrigued!  Brittany cannot be defined into a box, and she is too expressive to have a limit placed upon her. Brittany is determined to not only make “beautiful” artwork, but she also wants to make artwork that will connect with the viewer and hopefully to awaken the unconscious mind to change the world for the better. 


Contact: Sunflowersmuse@yahoo.com


Sunflower’s Muse Resume


  • Charleston Fashion Week
    • Volunteer (2016-Present)
    • Runway Photographer (2019)
  • "Charleston Magazine"
    • Amateur Photographer Contest Finalist (2017)
  • “Mr. Mercedes” TV Show
    • Background Actress (2017)
  • Habitat for Humanity Sea Island Commercial
    • Volunteer (2017)
  • Audio Workshop (2018)
  • PA (Production Assistant) Boot Camp 2019
  • Location Workshop (2019)
  • Feature in Lens Culture’s 3 times Virtual Art Gallery Competition (2021)
  • “Sweetgrass Hand” & “Take it to God in Prayer” Prints permanent collection of “MUSC Arts in Healing” (2021)
  • Emotions (2022) Online Art Exhibition
  • Fermina (2022) Online Art Exhibition
  • Perceive You (2022) Online Art Exhibition