I am a photographer, an artist, a black woman, funny (according to my friends. lol), Christian, educated, athlete, friend, sassy, lover of music, history, beach and the arts. But above all else, I am an introvert who is forever evolving. . .

I always had a flair for the arts and I am trying to share my version to the world.

If there are any images that you have seen from Sunflower's Muse Instagram and you would love to purchase that is not in my store, please feel free to contact me.

Art Gallery: Artpal.com/sunflowersmuse

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Contact: Sunflowersmuse@yahoo.com


·       Charleston Fashion Week

o   Volunteer (2016-Present)

o   Runway Photographer (2019)

·       "Charleston Magazine"

o   Amateur Photographer Contest Finalist (2017)

·       “Mr. Mercedes” TV Show

o   Background Actress (2017)

·       Habitat for Humanity Sea Island Commercial

o   Volunteer (2017)

·       Audio Workshop (2018)

·       PA (Production Assistant) Boot Camp 2019